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The Stoll Project: Дым и Рим в городе is a restaurant/bar located at 1 Veteranov Street. Offering a unique blend of smoky flavors and Roman-inspired dishes, this establishment provides a vibrant atmosphere where guests can enjoy a delightful dining experience.

As a restaurant/café, The Stoll Project offers a diverse menu of author’s cuisine. The average check is around 900 rubles. Guests can start their day with a delicious breakfast served from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. The restaurant also provides table reservations for those who prefer to secure their spot in advance. Furthermore, customers can conveniently order food to take away.

The Stoll Project caters to families with a children’s menu and a designated kids’ corner. There are various amenities available to keep both kids and adults entertained, including board games and animators. Furthermore, the restaurant offers master classes for children, ensuring a fun and educational experience.

Whether you prefer indoor or outdoor dining, The Stoll Project has you covered. They provide tables both inside the restaurant and on the outdoor patio. Sports enthusiasts can also enjoy watching live sports broadcasts while indulging in their favorite dishes.

The menu at The Stoll Project features a wide range of dishes to satisfy all palates. Guests can choose from options such as pizza, shashlik, wok noodles, dumplings, pasta, wok rice, steaks, lula-kebab, french fries, salads, soups, Roman-style pizza, grilled dishes, chicken wings, nuggets, and nachos.

To complement the meal, The Stoll Project offers various beverages, including coffee to-go, mulled wine, and tea to-go.

For added convenience, The Stoll Project provides delivery services for a selection of dishes. Customers can enjoy the flavors of pizza, shashlik, wok dishes, pasta, hot main courses, Roman-style pizza, salads, chicken wings, and soups without leaving their homes.

The Stoll Project also offers additional amenities such as a restroom for the comfort of its guests.

Operating hours are not specified, so it is recommended to contact the restaurant directly for the most up-to-date information. The Stoll Project accepts different payment methods, including card payment, cash, and QR code payment. For inquiries or reservations, guests can reach out to the restaurant by calling +7‒931‒999‒96‒56.

In terms of business activities, The Stoll Project falls under the categories of restaurants, ready meal delivery, pizzerias, and bars. With its flavorful menu, convenient services, and entertaining amenities, The Stoll Project offers a welcoming culinary experience for all visitors.

Меню и цены

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  1. Через официальную группу в социальных сетях;
  2. посетив заведение;
  3. по номеру телефона +7‒931‒999‒96‒56 ;
  4. на официальном сайте.

Короткая информация о компании:

  • Юридическое лицо:
  • Рейтинг: 4.7 (из 5)
  • Способы оплаты: Оплата картой, Наличный расчёт, Оплата по QR-коду

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